My name is Kellye. Been married since I was 19 yrs old to my high school sweetheart. Makes feel older than I am, when I think about how long it’s been! I was born, March 14th, 1966. Been married to David, my high school sweetheart, for 27 yrs. We have 2 wonderful kids, Danielle, age 27, has a fabulous 3 almost 4 yr old son, Connor. He is the light of our lives!! Then we have our son Derick, he’s 24. He has had quite the roller coaster ride the last 3 almost 4 yrs….. Very blessed!

I am starting a new way life. I have 70 lbs that I need to lose. I need to do it to help my body, my heart, my whole person. Found out in Aug 2012 that I have atrial fib. Since the medications my dr gave me caused too many side effects, I am choosing to live a much healthier life, and switch what I eat and how I prepare the food. So, I am going to take you on that journey with me!! I will post pics of the food I make, keep you updated on my workouts, and what workout I am doing. I will post pics of myself as well, so you will be able to see the progress that I make! Hopefully, if you need to be on a journey yourself, maybe I can help inspire you!