Made it thru Thanksgiving, and now that Christmas is over, I have officially made it thru Christmas as well!! I was not very good with my exercising, between the 2 holidays. I had a hemroid treatment Dec 5th, and it really bothered me for 2 weeks until it healed, and now I have just been way too lazy, and not exercised. But that is going to change!! But in my defense, I did do a ton of house cleaning! Lots of bending, and stouping, and lifting boxes. And I didn’t gain weight, I stayed the same, well up until Christmas day. Made 2 batches of cinnamon rolls, and plus I bought cupcakes for dessert for Christmas. So today, only good food goes in!! I am SO sugared out!! For dinner tonight, I am making something with the left over turkey that I have. I also have some ham left over, but I am saving that for my ham & bean stoup that I am making on New Year’s Day. I add black-eyed peas to it, so I will have good luck thru out the year!! But for tonight’s dinner, I am making Turkey Pie with Cheesy Mashed potatoes topping! It has lots of veggies in it! Carrots, greenbeans & corn. Hopefully tonight I can get a workout in! Otherwise, it will be tomorrow for sure!