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Made it thru Christmas 2012!

Made it thru Thanksgiving, and now that Christmas is over, I have officially made it thru Christmas as well!! I was not very good with my exercising, between the 2 holidays. I had a hemroid treatment Dec 5th, and it really bothered me for 2 weeks until it healed, and now I have just been way too lazy, and not exercised. But that is going to change!! But in my defense, I did do a ton of house cleaning! Lots of bending, and stouping, and lifting boxes. And I didn’t gain weight, I stayed the same, well up until Christmas day. Made 2 batches of cinnamon rolls, and plus I bought cupcakes for dessert for Christmas. So today, only good food goes in!! I am SO sugared out!! For dinner tonight, I am making something with the left over turkey that I have. I also have some ham left over, but I am saving that for my ham & bean stoup that I am making on New Year’s Day. I add black-eyed peas to it, so I will have good luck thru out the year!! But for tonight’s dinner, I am making Turkey Pie with Cheesy Mashed potatoes topping! It has lots of veggies in it! Carrots, greenbeans & corn. Hopefully tonight I can get a workout in! Otherwise, it will be tomorrow for sure!


Hello world!

Well, here goes. This is my first blog….. and what should I blog about??  I thought I should start off with whats going on in my life at the time. This is the Thursday, a week, before Thanksgiving. At the beginning of the week, I found out that David, my husband, will be laid off from General Motors for the entire month of December. Which really isn’t a bad thing. But there is a negative part, He will have a 1 week waiting period for his unemployment, and a 2 week waiting period for his sub pay to kick in from the union. So his money will be all screwed up just in time for Christmas!!! And then he laid off as well in Jan ’13, so he will have to do the waiting weeks all over again! Which, in my opinion, is just crazy!! One would think at least the sub pay part of it, since the union already knows he’s laid off, there wouldn’t have to be any waiting weeks!! The utility company’s don’t care if the money is going to be all screwed up! They still want their money on time, or you risk having them shut off! So I am praying for another mild winter this season!! Enough about that though!!

I have been looking and searching for a long time now, on how to work from home. I don’t want to sell anything. I am NOT a good sales person. I have tried so many of the networking companies out there. Herbalife, which does have some great products, I actually tried Amway several years ago, which was an awful experience, but a very learning one. I just got out of Avon. I still am with Nature’s Sunshine though. I just belong for myself & family so I can get the products at a discount, they don’t have any kind of limits and I like their products. Another company that I tried, very briefly, was Beachbody. I also like their products as well! I just don’t have the money for all the advirtising and stuff, plus I really do not want to sell anything to anybody. So my search goes on. I am great on the computer. I have tons of data entry experience and customer service. I have been looking into do some customer service from home, but some of the requirements are to have a web cam and head set. Which I have neither at this time, nor the money to go buy that stuff. I haven’t worked for quite some time now, and money is really tight. We went into bankruptcy in Jan 2011, chapter 13. So that we wouldn’t lose everything. 2009 was a very hard year for my family, and I am just now starting to come out of a deep depression that I went into. The stress was just enormous! Our son, who at the time was 20, was going to school  in Laramie Wy. at Wyo-tech, and on memorial weekend in 2009, called home and said he was having a friend take him to the emergency room because he wasn’t feeling well. He told me he wasn’t able to breathe very well, and his chest was hurting him, I figured it was probably stress or something like that, because he had just had a test for school. I was very very shocked when the emergency room Dr, got on his phone, and proceeded to tell me & my husband that he had a dissected aortic aneurysm and that he was being life flighted to another hospital because the one he was at was not equipped to handle such an emergency. He ended up being flown to Cheyenne Wy, which was a 15 min flight. And in the meantime, we had to find a way to get there ASAP! Well, we had just spent, over 1000.00 paying bills, and going to the grocery store and did not have any money other than some gas money for the next week. I started calling all of my brothers, I have 3 older ones, and my brother Rick & his wife, Susan was able to get us $500.00 so that we could drive there. because there were no flights that would get us there before he was out of surgery. It was an 11 1/2 hour drive. And when we arrived at the hospital just after midnight, our son was still in surgery, and did not get out of surgery until after 3am, and he went in about 3-4pm the previous day. His friend that took him to the hospital was still there, and waited for us to get and waited for him to get out of surgery. When he came out of surgery, Dr Lenard Lampkin, met us in a private room and proceeded to us exactly what he had done to save our sons life. The dissection is something that 80% of the people that have one, do not survive, and 50% of those people don’t even make it in time to get help. Our son is very very blessed to still be here with us. He had some complications in his right leg after the surgery, he got compartment syndrome, where the leg swells up and no blood flow is able to get down into his foot, and had to have a surgery done to relieve the swelling, but after a couple weeks, on June 6th, we were able to make it home with him. He still had stitches in his leg, and we had a very hard time finding a orthopedic dr that would take his case. Finally after a couple of days, I did find one. But he had so much infection in his leg, that more surgeries was needed. In all after several months, he had a total of 13 surgeries, 2 of those include amputating his leg from the knee down. All the while he was fighting this infection, I had started him on several herbs, vitamins & supplements. His iron levels were low, so he was on iron and I finally got him on Chlorella, along with his antibotics, that he was having to take intraveinously, I had to learn how to do so many things to help take care of him. Then finally in Jan 2010, he was able to be fitted with a prosthectic leg and start the long hard process of physical therapy. Then in May of 2010, he was able to go back to school and finish the 6 weeks he had left and was able to graduate. But we did have a very positive thing happen in 2009, on Feb 11th, our first grandchild arrived! Connor Ryan Phillips!! My daughter was able to make it up to Laramie, while our son was in the hospital, she brought Connor with her, which was a very huge blessing, and a much needed distraction!! So, 2009 was not all doom and gloom, we also had the blessing and pleasure of watching our grandson grow and become the very wonderfully active 3 1/2 yr old that he is today!! It was just after making sure my son was healed and was going to be fine, that this depression hit me, and it hit me hard. Before his serious illness, I had been exercising daily, and I had lost 62 lbs. But with all our sons medical problems, I stopped taking care of me. So now that he his all well, and is able to work and live his life, I am now able to start taking care of me again!! And dig me out of this black hole that I have been in, known as depression!  In my up coming blogs, I will write about my journey of weight loss, and hopefully I will find a job or something I love, making money from home!!